In addition to Topco's 10 programs, participating members also have access to world-class partnerships within our organization across food evaluation and regulatory compliance, shopper insights databases and our award-winning marketing department.


As consumers continue to demand healthier foods, greater transparency of ingredients and comprehensive, clean labeling, members look to Topco’s Quality Assurance team to help ensure safety, quality and regulatory-compliant products and packaging. Quality Assurance continued its deep-rooted dedication to safety and quality through rigorous product monitoring, surveillance and testing as its regulatory compliance team tracked and proactively assessed the business impact of topics such as FSMA, Nutrition Labeling Reform, partially hydrogenated oil and GMOs.

507 items were reformulated or identified to be discontinued in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on Partially Hydrogenated Oils while 7,360 regulatory and nutrition packaging-related reviews were completed for regulatory compliance.*


With a focus on data and analytics, Topco is leading the way for members with unique and innovative Data Solutions that drive incremental value. These initiatives deliver an end-to-end Data Analytics Solution that spans the entire lifecycle of members’ businesses, from the buy side through to the sell side. Leveraging aggregate member data will provide enhanced insights not available today to any single member.

Tradeview Analytics Provides members with the ability to analyze their purchase and trade fund activities at a granular level that has never been available in the industry before.*


Topco’s Marketing team provides shopper-centric and data-driven solutions to ensure it is creating winning brands that build sales and loyalty to members’ stores. Always looking to provide members with the latest shopper insights and customer-driven data, in 2016 alone the Marketing team completed research with over 7,300 member shoppers. Topco’s comprehensive own brand portfolio enables members to reach a broad cross-section of their shoppers with relevant, compelling offerings, in addition to reaching the price-sensitive shopper.

30 members across 21 brands downloaded 2,350 digital advertising and promotional pieces from our digital asset library.*