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Indirect Spend
Topco's Indirect Spend Program is dedicated to helping Topco member-owners and external customers with procuring indirect (not-for-resale) products and services. Topco's customers include more than 50 retail, wholesale and food industry companies, which represent more than $120 billion in sales and approximately $10 billion in market leverage. By aggregating the purchasing power of its customers, Topco's Indirect Spend team is able to secure significant cost savings on the following:

  • Construction (includes Facilities Management Solutions)
  • Fuel
  • HR Benefits
  • Hired Services (including professional and financial services)
  • IT / Telecom
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Marketing, Advertising and Merchandising
  • Office Products and Services
  • Packaging & Consumables
  • Store Equipment
  • Tradeview Analytics
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Waste Solutions
Topco's Indirect Spend professionals, who have deep industry knowledge, procure indirect (not-for-resale) products and services from a large network of pre-qualified world-class suppliers. For each sourcing initiative, Topco develops a specific strategy based on the customer's needs and the dynamics of the supplier marketplace. Topco's Indirect Spend Program helps drive costs down through aggregation while also assuring individual customer needs are met.

To learn more about Topco's Indirect Spend Program, visit www.topcoindirect.com.

Tradeview Analytics

TradeView Analytics is a new program that gives merchandising teams unprecedented access to critical information. TradeView Analytics is a secure, cloud-based web application, providing structured views to vendor performance. This includes on-demand visibility to item-level net cost, trade funds and other key performance indicators along with comparisons between vendors participating in like categories. TradeView Analytics also offers benchmarking and gap analysis across the other, de-identified, participating members, which allows for enhanced fact-based negotiating opportunities and category management.

For information, contact Paul Goodman, Director Emerging Business, pgoodman@topco.com.

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